TO CUBA WITH LOVE – Winter 2021

By: Yoandry Rodríguez

For the past three years, as an interpreter, I have had the privilege of working alongside Reapers Executive Director, Chuck Price. I have been an eye witness of the work performed every place Reapers laboured.
Reapers in the Rain has been working in Cuba for seven years providing relief to the hard economic situation of the Cuban Church. Our country is full of restrictions and limitations regarding the Church. However, despite the difficulties, Reapers has provided aid amid the problems. Reapers has invested in many different building projects, house-church purchases, provided top-quality Bible teaching and leadership development. Reapers also provided sustainable development in the purchase of a fishing boat, establishment of sewing centres, and a hairdressing salon. The Cuban Church is so grateful for its work. God bless you all.