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We continue to purchase houses in Cuba and renovate in co-operation with the Cuban Assemblies of God. These houses serve a dual purpose, a home for the Pastor and family as well as a local House Church.

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We purchase and deliver Bibles, tracts, commentaries, pens, paper, pencils, crayons, and children’s books. You can never go wrong investing in children and leaders.

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We continue to purchase houses in Cuba and renovate in co-operation with the Cuban Assemblies of God. These houses serve a dual purpose, a home for the Pastor and family as well as a local House Church.


We purchase and deliver Bibles, tracts, commentaries, pens, paper, pencils, crayons, and children’s books. You can never go wrong investing in children and leaders.

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We buy sewing machines; provide material and training for Church sewing centers. This allows church families to supplement their income, bless their community and church. Our goal is to provide sustainable development.

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Wish List 2021

Homeless: sleeping bags, ground sheets, hand & foot warmers, knap sacks, men’s winter jackets, boots, hoodies, new socks & underwear, gloves, and toques School Supplies: pens, paper, markers, crayons, binders, journals Children’s Clothes: newborn, infant Linens: new bedding, sheets, pillow cases, towels, face clothes Toys: (no battery operated), small, soft or hard, no books Sports Equipment: baseball equipment, basketballs, soccer balls Summer Clothes: (all ages) sandals, t-shirts, shorts, dresses, socks, shoes Kitchen Items: (no electric items) cutlery, dishware, pots and pans Hygiene: tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, hair brushes, chap stick Tools: screwdrivers, drills, tape measures, wrenches We [...]

TO CUBA WITH LOVE – Winter 2021

By: Yoandry Rodríguez For the past three years, as an interpreter, I have had the privilege of working alongside Reapers Executive Director, Chuck Price. I have been an eye witness of the work performed every place Reapers laboured. Reapers in the Rain has been working in Cuba for seven years providing relief to the hard economic situation of the Cuban Church. Our country is full of restrictions and limitations regarding the Church. However, despite the difficulties, Reapers has provided aid amid the problems. Reapers has invested in many different building projects, house-church purchases, provided top-quality Bible teaching and leadership development. [...]


Last October we hosted our third one-day Men’s Conference in Eastern Ontario with over 130 men in attendance including a dozen pastors. My job was easy as Pastor Billy Richards from Church on the Queensway preached and Dawson Phillips led worship. The luncheon was crazy with hamburgers the size of my fist, homemade cookies and coffee by the drum. There was no charge for the day thanks to Church on the Queensway, Calvary Cornerstone Church, and Easthill Outdoors. We did receive a Missions offering for Reapers raising $2,200 for our work in Cuba! The altar appeals were often and well [...]


Because of what so many do for Reapers, we have the awesome privilege and incredible joy of working alongside other Ministries to accomplish what God has asked them to do. Again, this year we provided clothes, blankets and backpack survival kits to Souls for Christ Ministries, who work on the streets and in the shelters of Toronto. Also, Reapers provided socks for students along with clothes and gifts for mom’s that Heart to Heart Ministry distributed in Flemingdon Park. With your help Reapers purchased gift bags and 23 turkeys to feed 400 people, donated clothes and toys to the Church [...]

TO CUBA WITH LOVE – Winter 2020

I no longer keep track of how many trips, or how many teams, or how many months we have spent in Cuba over the past 6 years. I do know my last trip was in November and I will return in January and March to continue our work. It’s not a hardship to spend time with people that love the Word and love to worship. What a blessing to have the items from the shipped container in the hands of those who will bless thousands. We have five building projects, at various stages, on the go. Our goal is to [...]

Summer Rain 2019 Pastors Camp

Wed Aug 14th – Sat Aug 17th Speakers: Lorrie Gibbons, Deny’s Blackmore, Chuck Price Mt. Zion Retreat Center, Gilmour ON. To book your room and meal package call Arlene 613 474 1941

TO CUBA WITH LOVE – Winter 2019

With your help Reapers continues to buy and build houses in Cuba for the dual purpose of parsonage and sanctuary. Most of our work is in the regions of Matanzas, Santa Cruz del Norte and Havana. We purchased paint, windows, doors, brick, rebar and roofing materials and get’er done. One of Reapers most rewarding purchases in 2018 was the property in Paula. Two houses on a beautiful piece of property with fruit trees that backs onto the river and is located on a main road. One house used for the church and the other for the pastor. Prior to this, [...]

TO CUBA WITH LOVE – Spring 2018

Last January we started a new church building project in Cardenas and returned in March to continue the work. There is an old existing building where the congregation meets along with a pastors’ residence and a courtyard surrounded by outer walls. We are using the courtyard to build the new two storey sanctuary and a third floor for offices, classrooms and guest rooms. We have hosted two pastors’ conferences in the Matanzas Presbytery. One in January and the other in March as well as hosting services. In January three young men received Christ following the Wednesday evening service. The next [...]


Thank you for the windows, A/C units, fridge and gas stove for the Aid’s Orphanage in Paraguay. What a tremendous blessings for the children here at the orphanage.
Rev Nick Maciuk / Beyond Words Ministry
Chuck has a unique way of ministering by taking a passage and bringing out such wonderful truth. The manner in which he ministered was such a blessing to our church congregations, Bible schools and Pastor’s Conferences. Our pastors went back to their respective churches so encouraged with a new zeal for their ministry. I can unhesitatingly recommend his ministry.
- Rev. (Dr.) Huldah Buntain / President, Calcutta Mission, India
Chuck spoke at our District Conference, “Leadership Matters.” He was inspirational and shared powerful messages that stirred the listeners to action and a greater commitment to God and people in need of His love.
Press Release / Manitoba & Northwestern District PAOC
Chuck is a very dynamic, down-to-earth speaker, anointed and guided by the Holy Spirit, and very open to the people. He went into oppressive areas that were cesspools for drug addicts and prostitution, everywhere he went people received him. We saw over 80 people give their lives to Christ, while dozens of others experienced restoration or re-dedicated their lives to Christ.
Randy and Judy Lundrigan / Missionaries to Honduras
I just wanted to thank you for being a true man of God and encouraging me. You are someone who has left a legacy and example for young leaders, like me, to follow and learn from.
Todd / Spring Bay Camp, ON

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