Things to Come

Hebrews 11:20 Isaac spoke Blessing over the future of his Sons. He pulled on things not yet seen, by faith he spoke of things to come. If we are going to see our family and Nation come to Christ we too must pull on the future and stop pushing from the past.

Prepare the Way

Isaiah 40:3-5 We have a responsibility, to get things ready, to create a favorable environment to make it easy for God to move in the lives of our family and friends. We are to position for and end time move of God and prepare for His Second Coming.


Isaiah 21:6-12 In the Old Testament the Watchman on the wall studied the terrain at night watching and listening for sights and sounds out of the ordinary. Today we are His Watchmen, His eyes and ears to warn of spiritual danger that slips in under darkness.

The Great Supper

Luke 14:15-24 God has made provision for anyone and everyone to be saved. We are to actively engage people, inviting them to come to Christ. The call to Go Out is urgent as time is short and the Father wants His house to be full.

Provide more for those with less


We continue to buy property through the Cuban Assemblies of God to build Churches. Now is the time to secure strategic pieces of property that will bless local communities.


We buy sewing machines; provide material and training for Church sewing centers. This allows church families to supplement their income, bless their community and church. Our goal is to provide sustainable development.

Custom Donation

Please choose the amount you're able to give to help our Missions around the world. We appreciate any amount you can give!


We purchase and deliver Bibles, tracts, commentaries, pens, paper, pencils, crayons, and children’s books. You can never go wrong investing in children and leaders.

Donate Monthly

Your constant support goes straight to our Missions building homes and sustainable income for families in need.


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