Fifth Honduras Missions Trip

On November 3rd, I arrived home from my fifth trip to Honduras. In a country that boasts the highest murder rate in the world and poverty that reaches every level of society, God is up to something good! Our time in Honduras was packed with activity – just the way I like it. We had to split the team up to cover all the events. I know it’s not about simply being busy but this was busy good stuff. We spoke in nine Churches, traveled to three schools, held a Missionary Day Away, two Pastors’ Conferences, hosted a three day Leadership Conference, did radio, and spoke at a prison chapel service. We were hosted by Schools of Hope and World Gospel Outreach. Check them out on line!

I have to tell you about the prison chapel service – packed out; the worship was like a war cry going into battle. I spoke on the grace of God in the life of David. The altar was packed over and over again. Men standing, kneeling, crying out to God, others on the floor lost in His presence. It was a Paul and Silas morning; if the prison doors opened these guys were staying. It was good church!