Genesis Leadership Summit

What a joy to be a part of the of the ministry team for the Genesis Leadership Summit in Bloomington, IN.  What a fantastic network of leaders under the leadership of my good friends Dave and Maureen Woodcock.

My take away from the Conference was simply, relationship trumps policy, character beats giftings and honour brings freedom and all three develop secure leadership.

John and Linda Eckhardt from Maine spoke of Spiritual Alignment: servanthood, sonship, discipleship, governship.  Followed by a message on knowing who we are in the Kingdom of God. It was good stuff!

Bob and Carolyn Norcross from Ontario spoke on the power of Influence from the life of Abraham: the influence of entitlement, of opportunity, of covenant, of misguided focus and outside influence. It was so good to sit and listen before having to preach. I loved every minute and look forward to attending next year.