To Cuba with Love

In November we spent a week in Cuba. Reapers continues to buy and renovate properties for house churches and build churches. The pastors conferences continue to grow as we develop friendships with local pastors. We were able to ship boxes of sewing material and accessories to feed the sewing machines Reapers brought in April. We look forward to taking another sewing team in 2018. Recently, the Area Presbyter told me, when we started this project he thought it would never work. Then he handed me a business plan on how they want to grow the ministry!

Reapers finished paying off a church fishing boat that is used to feed church families and bless the church financially. We are in the process of buying more pigs and a press for mango jam. We have been purchasing hair cutting kits for family home business. Now a couple of ladies want to start a Salon. We are making shoe shine boxes here in Canada that will be used in Cuba as a starter business. Words do not adequately convey the reactions of the Pastor and his wife when I told them that Reapers will purchase them a house church. Their congregation has been holding services in the woods. Everything Reapers does must produce sustainable development.