To Cuba with Love

With your financial support, we continue to buy homes and properties through the Assemblies of God Cuba. On our recent trip to Cuba I was so pleased to sit with a Presbyter and purchase windows, doors and other building materials for many of the churches in his region. I was blessed to meet a Pastor who had been praying for six years, that someone would come and help with their dilapidated roof and floor. He explained, “When the rain comes, water pours through the gaping holes in the roof and travels throughout the building”. He was so excited to see the answer to his prayers.

For the past three years, Reapers has returned to Mantazas to complete their building. I am excited to report the church there is growing! How amazing to see the new keyboard, purchased by Reapers, being used to lead people in worship. Thank you!

We continue to ship sewing machines and materials and look forward to holding sewing classes in early 2017. The class participants will be gifted with the sewing machines to begin their home sewing business.

Our goal is to return to Cuba with Teams in November 2016 and February 2017 to host a Pastors Conference and continue to build and renovate churches.