Faith – “Who are we living to please?”

For twenty-four years I preached Faith, the past eleven years I have lived Faith.
Faith isn’t faith until it’s tested. What you believe is not faith until you walk the talk. Faith is an action word.
What I believe needs to translate into what I do by faith. How sad to live by faith when we can live in faith. If
you can see it, it’s not faith. We are people that see the unseen. We pull from the future. We see the invisible
and pull it into the visible.

It’s easy to become lazy in faith or simply settle for saving faith but never know walk by faith. Saving faith is a
gift. Walking faith is both a gift and fruit. You can have all the talent, ability, charisma and education, yet,
without faith it is impossible to please God.

So the question we need to ask is, “Who are we living to please?”