To Cuba With Love

I returned to Cuba in February with a team of thirteen guys from Kingston and
Lindsay. We continue to build a home church and renovate another. What
a privilege to work along-side our Cuban brothers. The language barrier never
seems to be an issue.
It is always a highlight to host a two-day Pastors Conference and, as an
added bonus on this trip, we had Pastor Steve Heathcock and Pastor Joel
Holtz teach.

We had the privilege of preaching three church services. The people come an
hour early to pray The worship is contagious. The hunger for the Word is
ferocious. The altar time is powerful and the fellowship is sweet.
From each trip, no matter where I am, there is always one picture that brands
itself in my mind. This time, it was the last day on the job sight. I asked
the team to say their good-byes, leave any remaining supplies and head to
the bus. Moments later, I looked up to see the the guys walking the muddy
road towards the bus. I watched as the pastors’ family and Cuban workers
stood on the street, some wiping tears from their eyes, as the guys boarded
the bus barefoot.

What a powerful picture of what a group of shoeless Joe’s can do when they
choose to leave it all behind. It really is simple. It takes someone to leave
something for somebody.