After three years of rebuilding and ten thousand relief aid organizations in the country, the nation is still in desperate need. I traveled with a medical team into the interior of Haiti. The line ups were long and the needs varied greatly. So much of the sickness and disease could be resolved with clean drinking […]

House + Church = Something Closer [Camarones]

Mission: Camarones Before the purchase of this property, Moisés Zamora Lopez, the church planter here, traveled 16kms to be present in this community. Living and pastoring in the same place allows him to travel less and spend more time serving the local people. This house puts him closer to where God has asked him to […]

House + Church = Something Accessible [Camilo]

Mission: Camilo Yaite Malla, the missionary planting this church, has been traveling 23km from another church to work in this area. The distance is compounded by the lack of transit. With transportation being a huge issue, Yaite will use this house as both his church and his home making the community accessible to him and […]